About Rosann Cunningham, INHC


Have you ever felt like life was going along just smoothly until you hit the big 4-0?

When I turned 40, my life changed.

No, more accurately, my health changed. An accumulated effect of extreme and chronic stress, poor eating habits, not enough sleep, and years of hormonal birth control use caught up with me. 

I had been healthy my entire life, but all of a sudden at the beginning of my 4th decade, I was hit hard with thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, perimenopause, and all of the horrible, countless symptoms that come along for the ride when you have an imbalance in your endocrine system.

Since then, I’ve taken quite the journey to successfully restore my health, and I’ve learned so much along the way. I definitely had to be my own health advocate, but I was also blessed to have good friends by my side, a supportive family doctor who, more or less, let me tell him what I needed , and a few other key people in the natural health field helping me dig deep to treat the root cause of my health issues.

When I saw and felt the power of whole food nutrition, regular exercise, and improved lifestyle working in my own body, I developed a new sense of purpose and passion. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to help others going through the same awful health challenges I had gone through.

That was all the motivation I needed to enroll for study with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I’ve been taught by some of the world’s leading experts in health and nutrition - Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Walter Willett, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and Dr. Barry Sears, to name a few. I even enjoyed listening to a lecture from Arianna Huffington.

So what did being trained in Integrative Nutrition, Hormone Health, and Holistic Health Coaching do for me? 

Well, first it gave me the qualifications necessary to be called a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, specializing in Hormone Health. Second, it allowed me the awesome opportunity to start my own practice where I am blessed to be able to work with clients and help them find the health and happiness they deserve. Mostly, it transformed my health, my energy levels, my creativity, my relationships, and my knowledge. Because I've personally applied what I've learned, I am a stronger, healthier, more fit, and more vibrant person than I was before this journey began.

My life is full, and I couldn't be happier!

When I'm not busy coaching a client to a healthier life, I can be found hanging out with my husband (we've been married 16 years) and my daughters, Faith (12) and Abby (9). I love watching my daughters do their thing at Taekwondo tournaments - especially the sparring matches. Both are currently blue belts with an eager eye on getting their black belt before the end of next summer. Signing them up for Taekwondo sparked a newfound passion for martial arts within me, too.

Three nights a week I attend a Cardio Kickboxing class at our local martial arts studio where I thoroughly enjoy hitting and kicking pretty much any target put in front of me. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I'll be teaching my own Cardio Kickboxing classes starting in January 2018! I am also currently training in Krav Maga, a military self-defense fighting system. I strongly believe no woman should be a victim in her health, so in my coaching practice I integrate a martial arts style and sense of accountability.

Bottom line: I've struggled and I've overcome. You can too! I'm here to help you every step of the way.



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