Why You Should Create a ‘Most Meaningful Life’ Wishlist

Why You Should Create a ‘Most Meaningful Life’ Wishlist

“I wish for a strong, healthy, lean, sexy body. I wish for a clear-thinking, smart, quick mind. I wish for a glow of joy and happiness to radiate off of me to those around me. I wish for energy-packed days, and nights of deep, glorious sleep. I wish for a positive attitude, and to live and think fearlessly. I wish to never again worry about what someone else might think of me.” 

What you’ve just read are personal notes jotted down in my Notability App during a school assignment that charged me with journaling my Most Meaningful Life wishlist.

This was only a small piece of my wishlist - the health portion. I had a lot more written down in other areas, too, like relationships, family, career, faith, creativity, finances, and home environment.

I’m sharing this very authentic and personal side of my training with you for a few reasons.

  1. I’m sure you can relate with some of the things I happened to write down on my health wish list above.
  2. I’m hoping you’ll feel inspired by this assignment just as much as I was.
  3. I think it’s really important for us to ask ourselves these questions periodically.

I believe in order to find health, happiness, and balance in our life, we need to dig deep into our soul and be honest about what we really want. You see, the secret to health is taking action on the things that matter most to us, and bringing our life into balance. So often we can find ourselves drifting off course from the things that matter in life. We don’t do it intentionally, but it happens!

So maybe you’re thinking, “Rosann, there’s no such thing as living a balanced life!”

Friend, I used to think the exact same thing!

"Balance is impossible!"

"We are always out of balance somewhere."

"Saying yes to one thing means saying no to something else."

All mostly true statements. I know!

But what if by writing down your life wishlist, you were able to reset your focus to the things that truly matter most?

What if, you then started taking action on the things that truly matter most?

I’ll tell you one thing that would happen, because I speak from experience here, is you’ll be very busy doing all of these good things that truly matter, and as a result they will automatically crowd out the less meaningful stuff.

Suddenly, your life becomes much more balanced in a healthier way. It won’t be perfect, of course. After all, health (which encompasses all aspects of our life) is a journey, not a destination. There will be potholes and rough terrain along the way.

What’s exciting about this exercise is that your time and your attention will be focused on the most important priorities to YOU.  You have one life to live. Live it well! Right?

So I have a challenge for you! I want you to create your Most Meaningful Life wishlist, too.

Start with this Circle of Life graph. 

I have this Circle of Life graph (courtesy of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition).

Print off a copy of the PDF image.

Using a marker, place a dot in each category to score how fulfilling this particular part of your life is.

So if you think you’re doing great in the area of spirituality, then place your dot closer to the outside of the circle in that category.

If you have some serious lack in this category, place your dot closer to the inside of the circle. Do this for each category of life. Then connect your dots to see where your life is most out of balance.

Create your Most Meaningful Life wishlist.

Next, write down your own Most Meaningful Life wishlist.

Start at the top of the Circle of Life categories and write down for each category what would make you feel most fulfilled in that area of life. There is no right or wrong answer. Don’t worry about how you’ll get there or if it’s even possible. Just make your list.

Once you’ve made your wishlist for each category, pray about it. Sleep on it. Talk to a trusted friend or spouse about it. Mull it over in your mind.

Ask yourself what it would take to make those wishes a reality.

Time for an Action Plan

Write down an action plan for each category. Don’t worry about whether or not you have time for it, or whether or not it’s even feasible at this point. Just write down an action plan. What would it take to turn those wishes into a reality?

Now it gets real!

Now - pick one thing in your Most Meaningful Life wishlist, and start making it happen.

Just one thing.

That’s all I want you to focus on today, tomorrow, next week, next month for however long it takes to make it a reality.

Focus on making that one thing become a reality. Be intentional about it. Tell people in your life what you’re doing. Accountability is a beautiful motivator! Schedule the tasks necessary into your day, and stick to it!

A few things you’ll notice, because I noticed them too when I started this exercise: 

  • Renewed energy and excitement
  • Less time wasted in social media
  • More intentional lifestyle choices
  • A relaxed state of mind (focusing on what matters most takes the pressure off)
  • Improved relationships

Why should you create a Most Meaningful Life wishlist?

Because you deserve it, friend!

You have one life to live. There are no second chances once it’s all over with.

Wouldn’t you rather live life to the fullest now, while you can? Wouldn’t you love to reach the end of your life and be able to look back and feel great about how meaningful it was?

You get a chance to create an amazing legacy!

  • To improve relationships you’ve been struggling with.
  • To chase wild and fun dreams you never thought you’d have the courage to go after.
  • To be the healthiest YOU possible - physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally!

None of the things that matter most to you will ever happen if you don’t stop to ask the question, “what do I want?” and then create a plan and take actions steps to achieve those goals.

So go do it! 🙂

I hope you’ll stop back and share in the comments how you scored on your Circle of Life and the first item on your list you’re planning to attack. 

Until next time,

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Rosann Cunningham

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Author at Rosann Cunningham
Rosann is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in hormone health. She is also a fitness junkie, with a specific passion for mixed martial arts style kickboxing and is trained in Krav Maga - a military self-defense fighting system. After a Hashimotos diagnosis which turned out to be a very wrong call, Rosann became her own health advocate and fought her way back to optimal health and wellness. She is determined to help her clients dig deep to find the root cause of their hormone health struggles, so they too, can thrive and live the abundant life of health and happiness they deserve. Rosann believes nobody should be a victim in life or in their health, so in her coaching practice she loves to integrate a martial arts style and sense of accountability.

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