Great Books and Resources I Enjoyed in 2016

Great Books and Resources I Enjoyed in 2016

The following books, resources, or websites were all beneficial in enhancing my work skills, family-life, health and wellness, personal development, and spiritual growth in 2016. If the subject matter happens to fit with something you're pursuing or are interested in at this time in your life, I highly encourage you to check these out for yourself.

Giddy Up, Eunice by Sophie Hudson

This is currently in-process as I'm reading this book with my Women's Bible Study group. We are about half-way through the book so far, and I have to say it is fabulous. I have literally laughed out loud while reading this book. Sophie Hudson, the author, has an entertaining writer's voice, loves to tell stories, but most importantly sends home the message that we women really do need each other. It's a great book to give to or read with a group of friends.


The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried, MD

I found this book to be a fascinating resource. If you feel at all like you might have a hormonal imbalance happening, get your hands on The Hormone Cure. She has questionnaires in the front of the book that help pinpoint which hormones are most likely to be out of balance based on your answers, and then in the back half of the book, she offers a plan you can try in order to correct the problem. Definitely worth reading!


Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy

I really enjoyed reading this book, mostly because I could relate with the message - design your life the way you want it, rather than drifting off the path you really want to be on. Too often we find ourselves drifting away from what matters most. Living Forward offers a plan to stop drifting and get busy enjoying the life you've always wanted. Come to think of it, I could probably stand to read this gem again!


Essential Organic Gardening Guide Book by Tony Wilson

I bought this book primarily because it was free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, and because I was just getting ready to start my gardening season. While I'm not a beginner gardener anymore, I'm also still far from an expert. Organic gardening is important to me because I want my family to consume truly healthy produce, free from pesticides, and with the most nutrients as possible from the soil. This book was very informative about controlling pests, bugs, and preparing the soil before planting the garden.


Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew

Square Foot Gardening is a great resource if you're low on gardening space and are looking to maximize the amount of food you can grow within that small space. I bought the book because I happen to have four 4x4 size garden boxes and was curious about the author's method. I did learn a few things that were helpful!


Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

Ok, so this book is an excellent resource for those of you who are considering natural birth control. In other words, you want to go off the pill and use a non-hormonal, simple way to prevent pregnancy while also learning SO much about your body and your cycle. I've bought Taking Charge of Your Fertility twice now. The first time was about twelve years ago when my husband and I were trying (unsuccessfully at the time) to get pregnant. I bought the most recent revised version about a year ago after going off the pill. I now take my basal body temperature every morning before I get out of bed, log it into an App called Glow, and make sure to use other precautions during my most fertile days. Thanks to the information in this book, I know so much more about my hormones than ever before!


Essentialism by Greg McKeown

The title says it all! In Essentialism, the author talks about clearing the clutter in your home, your brain, your career, and your life. It is about getting rid of all of the non-essential distractions and pursuing that which matters most. Like the book Living Forward (mentioned above) I could definitely stand to read this great wisdom again!


Stepping Up (Bible Study) by Beth Moore

Stepping Up is an excellent Bible Study by Beth Moore. My women's group worked through this early in 2016 and we all really loved it. I've read many of the Psalms, but never really took time to focus on reading, memorizing, or studying the Psalms of Ascent until doing this particular Bible study. My biggest take-away from this one was the eye-opening truth that we are all on a journey through this life, gradually stepping one foot in front of the other, until we are closer each day to seeing the face of God. Whatever hard times we may be going through today, our struggles are not our final story or destination. There is something greater to come. We just need to keep walking forward in faith and trust God is with us on the journey.


Children of the Day (Bible Study) by Beth Moore

Children of the Day is another great Bible Study by Beth Moore. In this one, Beth takes the reader through 1 & 2 Thessalonians really digging in to what it all means for us. We are right where we are, in our particular circumstances, because God's timing is so perfect and His plan never fails. I learned so much and walked away from this study quite encouraged in my faith journey. There is even the option to write the entire book of 1 and 2 Thessalonians in the back of the workbook as you go through the study. This was my first time doing an exercise like that and I found it to be incredibly useful and helpful in my understanding of the passages I was studying.


A Woman Who Doesn't Quit (Bible Study) by Nicki Koziarz

This was another study my women's group worked on this year. Interestingly we timed our start of it for September when the kids went back to school...and I went back to work. Of course, it helped me stay positive in those first few rough weeks of learning a new job, but this study is helpful for much more than just work situations. If you've ever quit anything - a new years resolution, a diet, an exercise goal, a new hobby, or even a relationship - this study is encouraging and eye-opening. Check it out!


Pottenger's Cats: A study in Nutrition by Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD

Yes, this book cover is...well, odd. It's not something I would typically grab off the shelf at a bookstore. However, in my quest to learn more about nutrition, I discovered this book on a list of "must-reads" for one of the schools I was looking into enrolling in. I bought the book, hesitantly, but read it in about two days. It's thin and a quick read. It's also quite fascinating if you're interested in the science of nutrition. Dr. Pottenger discovered by accident that a cat's health degenerates unless they are fed raw food. He shares the findings of his 10 years of study on this subject in this book. Very interesting and eye-opening truth about food and it's nutritional benefits to our body.


Back to the Basics of Human Health by Mary Frost

Back to the Basics of Human Health is another one of those books I stumbled upon when looking into which nutrition school to attend. I ordered this book and read it so fast! It's simple and very informative. If you're looking to improve your health naturally, start by reading Back to the Basics of Human Health. My biggest take-away from it was the importance of whole food nutrition over high-priced vitamins, as well as the value of adding in plenty of (but not too much) water, healthy fats (specifically from flax oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and fish oil), and working with a knowledgable alternative health practitioner who understands and believes in the body's ability to heal itself given the right nutrients and lifestyle.


Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price, DDS

I'm currently reading this book, and it's slow moving. The author presents very informative and interesting information but it's super detailed and requires a very quiet, fresh mind and a lot of spare time to read and fully digest (no pun intended.)  I was eager to read the book, but have not had as much time or energy to devote to it the past few months, so it's still a work-in-progress. That said, I am enjoying it very much! The author was a dentist and independent nutrition researcher who traveled around the world with his wife studying health, dietary habits, and chemical composition of foods in various cultures, and how those factors related to disease.


This is Your Life podcast by Michael Hyatt

I've been listening to Michael Hyatt's podcast for a few years now. It's always interesting to listen to and there's no doubt each time I listen, I take away new inspiration or a new idea to try out that often fuels me forward in my roles as wife, mother, writer, friend, Christian woman, and employee. If you're an entrepreneur, or a leader in an organization (including your own home) there is always wise counsel in these podcasts. Definitely worth listening to.


The Healthy Moms podcast by Wellness Mama

If you've ever enjoyed reading an article online from, you'll love listening to her podcast. The content is informative and interesting, usually based around the topic of healthy living in the home. My only disappointment is that she is not consistent in her podcast recordings so she'll have several in a row and then none for a long while. That's life though, right. She's a mom, too.


The Chalene Show podcast

Ever heard of Chalene Johnson? She's an entrepreneur, fitness and life coach, wife, mama, and so much more. I first discovered Chalene while doing Beachbody workouts. I bought her Chalean Extreme fitness program and really enjoyed it. (She also does Turbo Fire and a few others.) Then I followed her website and Facebook page. Next thing I know I was listening to her podcast. Chalene is real, honest, down to earth, smart, and successful. She's a great inspiration to listen to when I have 30 minutes of free "air time" while I'm painting trim in my hallway or cleaning the house.


Beachbody on Demand

If you are trying to lose weight, exercise more, or eat healthier, you NEED to get a subscription to Beachbody on Demand. 90% of my workouts are done through the programs available on BOD. If I've ever purchased a workout program from Beachbody, it's in my BOD account so I can stream it from my phone, iPad, apple tv, or laptop. Plus there are FREE workout programs available in BOD that I can access if I get bored with one that I've purchased. So there's never a good excuse for missing a workout. It also keeps track of how many workouts I do throughout the year - a pretty cool feature!

To top it off, one of my favorite perks is having access to FIXATE, short cooking show segments done by Autumn Calabrese and her brother. So fun to watch and some awesome recipes to try!

What do you think?



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Rosann is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in hormone health. She is also a fitness junkie, with a specific passion for mixed martial arts style kickboxing and is trained in Krav Maga - a military self-defense fighting system. After a Hashimotos diagnosis which turned out to be a very wrong call, Rosann became her own health advocate and fought her way back to optimal health and wellness. She is determined to help her clients dig deep to find the root cause of their hormone health struggles, so they too, can thrive and live the abundant life of health and happiness they deserve. Rosann believes nobody should be a victim in life or in their health, so in her coaching practice she loves to integrate a martial arts style and sense of accountability.

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