Stop Looking at Me Like I’m Crazy Video Series

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Here are all 12 episodes (added after they've gone live) of the Stop Looking at Me Like I'm Crazy video series.

This series was created so I could share with you my journey through thyroiditis, but also as I tried to figure out if I had other hormonal issues happening such as perimenopause and adrenal fatigue.

I hope you enjoy watching! šŸ™‚

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Stop Looking at Me Like I'm Crazy: Navigating Midlife, Hormones, and Thyroiditis

Episode 1: The Intro

Episode 2: My Story

Episode 3: Talk to Someone Who Knows


Episode 4: Take Care of Yourself First


Episode 5: Helping Your Husband to Understand


Episode 6: Managing Family Life, Motherhood, and Your Roles and Responsibilities


Episode 7: Don't Stop Living


Episode 8: Giving it All to God


Episode 9: Pay it Forward


Ā Episode 10: Great Books, Ideas, and Resources


Ā Episode 11: Tips and Tricks Learned Along the Way


Episode 12: Don't Let it Steal Your JOY