Refuel Your Inner SuperMom

A Practical Guide to Getting Your Groove Back

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Life isn't always easy. As women, we have so many roles and responsibilities that some days it's all we can do NOT to sneak away from the kids, hide in the closet, eat chocolate and cry our eyes out!

There are also days when we just don't have the energy or desire to love our husband well. Forget finding time to take care of our own needs.

And sometimes, life circumstances become so stressful they nearly extinguish the flame of who we are as God loving Christian women. Before we realize it, we're dropping the ball on things left and right. Forgetting this and that. The house is destroyed. The calendar no longer exists.

There's no focus, no plan, nothing happening one way or the other. Except for excessive mommy guilt and lots of feelings of "I don't know where to begin" weighing heavy on our shoulders.

Is this happening to you?  Do you want to get your groove back?

Refuel Your Inner SuperMom offers practical advice and encouragement for the mom who strives to do and be her best but who, due to the often overwhelming chaos of life, has simply lost her focus, her motivation...

...her groove!

Take the journey with Rosann as she shares the depths of her heart and her own failures in motherhood, marriage and life, while taking positive, intentionally focused steps to getting her SuperMom groove back.

Refuel Your Inner SuperMom Table of Contents:

  1. Defining What's Most Important
  2. Dumping the To-Do List
  3. Rekindle Your Inner Joy
  4. Awaken Your Inner She-Hulk
  5. Power Up With Premium Fuel
  6. Discovering a Little "Me Time"
  7. Preparing for the Worst
  8. A Well Planned Meal
  9. Simplify Your Grocery Shopping Experience
  10. Organized Gift Giving and Party Planning
  11. Having an Organized Home
  12. Time to Clean the House...Bleh!
  13. Managing Your Family's Health Care
  14. Encouraging Your Child's Love for Learning...and More!
  15. Reach Out and Serve Your Community
  16. Showing Love to Extended and Distant Family Members
  17. Developing and Nurturing Strong Friendships
  18. Becoming a Gardening Mama
  19. Decorating Your Home
  20. Making Your Husband Feel Loved
  21. Playing With Your Children
  22. Praying For Your Husband
  23. Raising Your Children in Christian Faith
  24. The Power of Sleep
  25. Don't Forget to Pray For Yourself, Mom!
  26. Creating Family Traditions
  27. Preserving Family Memories
  28. Leaving a Legacy
  29. The Value of Going to Church
  30. Juggling Life as a Blogging Mom
  31. Dressing the Part

This isn't your average every day "How to become SuperMom" book. It's written and designed in a way that allows it to be more of a journey of self-discovery and intentionally focused lifestyle change - all for the glory of God.