Saying Goodbye to 2016: My Year-in-Review

Saying Goodbye to 2016: My Year-in-Review

Last week, as I traveled around town finishing up my Christmas shopping, I decided to listen to my favorite podcast - This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt.

As is typical for this time of year, Michael was talking about goals. Now, his advice was nothing new. I've heard it all before. It's just that this particular day, it struck me in a profound way. In fact, it made me excited to sit down and start forward-thinking and goal planning for 2017!

Friend, I had to stop myself, though.

As inspired as I feel to start planning out 2017, I can't in good conscious do that without first looking back at 2016 - what worked, and what didn't.

To start with, I went back to work in September, and it has been life-altering for me. I'm definitely going to have to pray hard about this aspect of my life as I plan out my goals for next year. Working has been good for me in many ways, but it has also been a huge struggle. It's not the working part I've struggled with. I am not afraid of working hard! It's juggling life (I have SO much on my plate right now), and then wondering how (or even if) this particular job will fit into the plans I have for the future.

Anyway, here's a look at 2016 and how I did with achieving my goals. I've placed a checkmark next to those I feel satisfied were accomplished.

My 2016 Health Goals Were...

  • Clean eating - Lots of veggies, fruits, and lean protein. Nothing processed or microwaved. √
  • Exercise - 7 days per week. √
  • Take Supplements as recommended. √
  • Eliminate toxins - cleaning supplies, beauty products, plastics, non-stick cookware, and water purification system. √
  • Health check-ups - new gynecologist, new family doctor, full thyroid panel testing, regular chiropractor visits, regular nutritionist consults. √
  • Plenty of sleep - in bed by 10:30, and a 30-minute nap twice per week. √
  • Daily restful activities - reading, watching tv, puzzles, games, coloring... √
  • Journaling - daily journal entry focused on gratitude. {fail}
  • Blogging - as God leads me to. √
  • Spending time with friends - being intentional about reaching out to get together. √
  • Daily prayer - spending time praying scripture in my war room. {fail}
  • Scripture memorization - memorize the verses I'm praying and/or create graphics to hang within sight. {fail}
  • Bible study and application - host weekly gatherings, work on spiritual healing. √
  • Eliminate clutter and chaos - create more margin and white space in my life and home. {fail}

How did I do?

Not bad, actually! I'm happy and proud about how much I DID accomplish in that long list of health priorities. I mean, that's quite a list!

Note to self: Maybe stick with 3 goals per category for 2017! 😀

There were a few areas I struggled with.

→ We did not install a water purification system this year, much to my disappointment. They are expensive. Hopefully we can make this happen in 2017.

→ I completely failed at my efforts to journal gratitude this year. It obviously fell off my radar.

→ My prayer life suffered a lot this year, particularly the last quarter. I have many excuses, but no good reason for letting this very important area of my life take a back seat to everything else. This must change in 2017.

→ Since I haven't been consistent in my prayer life, I've obviously let scripture memorization drop to a lower priority as well. Stay tuned for 2017 Bible Verses to Memorize and Study: With FREE Printables coming very soon. Creating these printables is one of the best ways I've been able to stay on track with scripture memorization in past years. Coincidentally, last year was the first year I did not create this resource.

→ I started the year off really well with creating more margin and space and not having as much of a presence in social media. Then I went back to work.  When I get home from work, I'm mentally fried. I'm tired. I just want to sit on my butt and do nothing, which usually leads me to Facebook. *sigh* Reality check: I took on a lot of external commitments the back half of the year which did nothing to create more margin and space in my life.

♥  I do want to note that I am very proud of my accomplishments with exercise! No, I didn't workout 7 days per week, but I was very active all year long. Year to date, I've logged 223 workouts in Beachbody on Demand. That averages out to 4 workouts per week. Add in my weekly 3.5 mile walks, the workouts I did on vacation, recent driveway snow shoveling, and dance parties and fun family fitness competitions with my kids and I'd say I've had a successfully fitness-filled year.

My 2016 Family Goals Were...

  • Nurture my marriage - date nights, regular intimacy, good communication, plenty of just-the-two-of-us time. √
  • Nurture my children - be available, actively listen, mom-daughter dates, mom-daughter daily devotions, nightly prayers, open communication opportunities. {fail}
  • Simplify our home life - daily housecleaning schedule, follow up with kids on chores, use of Paprika for meal planning, more crockpot meals. √

I mostly hit my family goals this year, but I feel like I failed at doing some of the things with my daughters that have proven to strengthen our mother/daughter bond in the past. Of course, I've taken good care of them and their needs are more than met, but I have not been consistent in doing our nightly mom/daughter devotions or prayers, which does reduce opportunities for one-on-one conversations about what's on their heart regarding friendships, school, growing up, etc...

We do talk a lot in those after-school hours together, but it's different when I'm alone with each of my daughters tucking them in for the night. They've always used that quiet time before sleep to really communicate thoughts, questions, or feelings they otherwise wouldn't mention in front of their sister or dad. It's like getting a front row seat to peek into the window of their soul. I'm bummed that I've missed a lot of good moments like that with them because I've been too tired or rushed at the end of the day to give them my undivided time.

That must change in 2017.


My 2016 "Serving God and Others" Goals Were...

  • Hosting Bible Study. √
  • Continue writing at as God leads me to. √
  • Pray for others and watch for opportunities to step up and serve at church and in the community. √

→ I haven't been writing as frequently on my blog as I'd like to or feel led to. Working outside of the home has sucked up a lot of time, creativity, and energy in this regard.


I'm glad I took a few minutes to look back upon 2016 and see what I've done well and what needs more attention. This will make planning out next year easier.  Hopefully you've found my year-in-review interesting and perhaps somehow inspiring for your 2017 goal planning.

How was your year? Have you taken time to look back on it yet? If not, you should! 🙂

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