Here's what others are saying about Rosann:


"I've loved getting to know Rosann. Her writing, friendship and encouragement has been such a blessing to me as a fellow Christian wife and mother. She is a gift from God!"

~ Abby M

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"I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Rosann Cunningham. Her kindness and compassion are a breath of fresh air in this cyber world. It is easy to see her love for the Lord and honest love of others."

~ Audra B

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"Rosann has been such a source of light and hope throughout the darkest and toughest times of my life! Her prayers, love, encouragement, hope, and awesome friendship were an incredible blessing, and she continues to be an amazing blessing to this day! She is truly doing some serious work in God's kingdom!"

~ Gina Kadar


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"A visit to Rosann's blog always leaves me feeling as if I'm visiting with her. Her ability to be authentic and uplifting even when dealing with difficult subjects always has me leaving her site with a renewed focus and a refreshed spirit."

~ Lori Fairchild, Everyday Truth

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"Rosann has a huge heart to encourage others. I came across her blog and got to know her more through a very hard season of my husband's unemployment. I was so thankful to know I wasn't alone. Her words are always uplifting and encouraging, like a soothing balm for a weary soul."

~ Barbie Swihart, My Freshly Brewed Life

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"Thank you for creating this site! Thank you for sharing your story! Thank you for restoring my hope!

Rosann-  You are a blessing to those of us who are going through this trying time.  My husband and I are coming up on his year anniversary of unemployment and, as you know, it hasn't been easy.  God has been with us the whole time - even though there are times when I begin to doubt, I know,that despite this time in the desert, God will restore us.  As I read your book, I felt like I was communing with a good friend who understands EVERYTHING about my circumstance.

Thank you for being a BLESSING!"

~ Andrea, UnEmployed Faith reader

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"Keep on doing what your doing, because to some of us it is building us, making us better wives and moms. May the good God grant you more wisdom, strength and many more years to continue reaching out to people like me.

Thank you so much for this blog!
God Bless You !!!!"

~ Khutso, Blog Reader (South Africa)

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